North America

Working in nearly 100 communities across North America, URI Cooperation Circles are bringing together people from across traditions to create social change.

North America: interfaith celebration

Cooperation Circles in the URI North America region are based in the United States and Canada. They provide support for the poor and homeless; mobilize interfaith communities to engage in environmental issues like climate change, energy conservation, and renewable energy; address gang violence and the need for safe after-school programs in low income communities; and build interfaith understanding and cooperation in communities with growing numbers of religious minorities.

Learn more about our interns and Regional Leadership Team, the URI North America Leadership Council.

Regional Support Staff

  • Sari Heidenreich, Regional Coordinator
  • Jaya Reinhalter, Coordinator for US Western States

Here’s one example of URI’s work in this region:

When the governor of Tennessee stated that he did not want refugees to resettle in his state, the Northeast Tennessee Chapter URI Cooperation Circle joined a chorus of voices to express their support for refugee rights. They published an advertisement in their local newspaper and declared, “Let us all speak out against religious, racial and ethnic animosity and encourage all people to compassionately welcome.” A few months later, the governor reversed his position.

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Stories From URI North America

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An identity map hangs on a wall, representing both the visible and invisible qualities of a person. Another map hangs beside it, and another and another, until you see a room full of these maps, and a diverse group of middle and high schoolers reading one other’s, growing in empathy and unity.