Community Building

Strong, healthy communities are at the core of URI’s work.
Youth for Peace CC's summer school in Bosnia and Herzegovina

URI encourages neighbors to help each other by reaching across religious, ethnic, and cultural lines, creating a culture of respect and safety that fosters peace even during difficult times.

Examples of our work in this Action Area:

  • In Pakistan, the URI MCC Islamabad office works for inter-religious peace by addressing local Muslims' and Christians' joint need for necessities like roads, sewage systems, gas and water
  • In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Youth for Peace CC's summer school brought together young people from different backgrounds to serve their community through volunteering efforts like helping disadvantaged families, painting houses, and repairing old cemeteries
  • After a Helsinki mosque was vandalized, URI members from the URI Multiregion formed an interfaith group to clean it, sending a strong message that they would not allow their community to be divided
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Interfaith Grassroots Peace Builder Commemorates International Day of Peace with Local and International Peace Makers

PHOTO: From left to right are Rosmary Kabaki, Catherine Lally both from the Non Violent Peaceforce, Casmir Saracan Mackno a Secretary of Barangay Baraason, Kauswagan Lanao del Norte, Pakigdait Inc. director Musa Mohamad Sanguila, Slabe Sennay of Non violent peaceforce, Mr. Assadik Alfitouri of Libyan contingent as International Monitoring Team for the GRP-MILF Peace talk, Col. Cresente Ferrer, Commander of the 601st Brigade of the Philippine Army, Capt. James Upson U.S. Military Advisory Group and last Jane Bernardo, Chairperson of the Civil Society Organization Forum for Peace