By sharing creative expression, URI members cultivate appreciation of each other on a human level.
Cultural Infusion CC Art Performance

Music, painting, performance, sculpture, storytelling, poetry, and other methods of artistic expression are ancient methods of creating community. Through the arts, URI Cooperation Circles transcend language and cultural barriers to build deep interpersonal connections.

Examples of our work in this Action Area:

  • When the Latin America and Caribbean region hosted a music festival celebrating original songs about peace, the featured artists were so inspired, they formed a new Cooperation Circle to continue their peacebuilding work.
  • CARAVAN, a URI Multiregion group, used an art exhibition to teach Jordanian girls about gender equality, cultural diversity, intercultural and interreligious understanding, and the need for peace.
  • URI Europe Cooperation Circles regularly gather for interfaith film screenings to spark respectful conversations and inspire friendships across traditions.
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Music for a Contemplative State of Mind

This type of ambient music can, for those interested in trying it out, put one in a contemplative and quiet state of mind where perspectives beyond the everyday hustle and bustle are allowed to gently form.

Women’s InterFaith Network Foundation CC presents a sacred music concert for victims of Japan earthquake

The Women’s InterFaith Network Foundation CC presents a Sacred Music Concert in aid of the victims of the Japan Earthquake at Collingwood College Auditorium in Collingwood on Sunday 19th June 2011 from 3pm to 5pm. The concerts line up includes: Dya Singh, Fuefukuro, Uncle Reg Blow, Parvyn, Josh Bennett, NIGGUN Collective (Jewish), Fo Guang Shan – Buddhist Lite International Victoria, various Gospel choirs and more.

Building Peace in the Middle East Through Music

URI Leader and first Global Council Chair Rita Semel reflects on the recent concert by Musaique, a URI CC from the Middle East:

There’s magic in music. And that magic was on display March 23 at the San Francisco Jewish Community Center, where 10 musicians — Jews, Muslims and Christians from Israel, Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian territories — held an audience of more than 300 enthralled for more than two hours as they sang, played and danced.