Health and Social Services

When individuals suffer, whole societies suffer. URI Cooperation Circles bring healing.
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URI Cooperation Circles work hard to improve the health of people all over the world, giving them the chance to lead meaningful and full lives.

Examples of our work in this Action Area:

  • A Better Community for All Pakistan organizes free medical care for rural families who can’t afford doctors, distributing medicine and connecting patients with free hospital stays when necessary.
  • Blantyre CC wanted to restore sanitary conditions to Bangwe township in Southern Malawi. Together, 50 young people removed waste and cleaned pollution so the population could live in healthier surroundings.
  • Members of URI Brasilia CC in Brazil offered health, hygiene, cultural and citizenship services to the inmates of the SalveaSi - Institution for Treatment of Chemical Dependents, in observance of the National Day to Combat Religious Intolerance.
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Women’s Interfaith Harmony Gathering for World lnterfaith Harmony Week

Forty Israeli and Palestinian women -- Druze, Jewish, and Muslim members of the Mada CC and Women Reborn CC's -- joined the TRUST WIN CC women. We began by reflecting on the difficult times in the world and in our region with hatred, racism, and religiophobia on the rise.

PCSW&HR Delegation Meeting with Pakistan Permanent Representative in United Nation H.E Dr. Maleeha Lodhi

To acknowledge the efforts and services of Pakistan Council for Social Welfare & Human Rights (PCSW&HR) for the empowerment of women through its various activities and protection of women rights, PCSW&HR invited to attend the UN 60th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW60) held at United Nations New York USA from 14 – 24 March 2016. Chairman PCSW&HR Mr. Muhammad Ijaz Noori, and Executive Director Mr. Mansoor Ahmed represented the PCSW&HR in the CSW 60. During their visit to USA Mr. Muhammad Ijaz Noori chairman PCSW&HR & Executive Director Mr. Mansoor Ahmed held meeting with Pakistan permanent representative in United Nation H.E Dr. Maleeha Lodhi at her residence in New York USA.