Cooperation Circles

A URI Cooperation Circle is a self-organizing group of at least seven members from at least three religions, spiritual expressions, or indigenous traditions—including atheists and agnostics. Cooperation Circles work on two levels: by giving people of different backgrounds a chance to work together, and by tackling important community issues their members care about.

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Interfaith Community Sanctuary

"Our purpose is to create a genuine interfaith community by celebrating diversity, respecting one another and embracing compassion, as well as to evolve into the fullness of being—spirit and potential—through experience, education, worship, dialogue, fellowship, and charitable service."

Interfaith Denver

Interfaith Denver promotes dialogue, discussion, and connection among various religious faiths and interfaith organizations in a safe and neutral environment."

Interfaith Education Karachi CC

"Our purpose: to develop the socio-economic structure in Karachi; to make health care services more widely available; and to carry out our work in a spirit of tolerance, forgiveness, and acceptance."

Interfaith Peace-building Initiative

"Our purpose is to establish a neutral platform wherein people of different religions and faith groups can come together to engage in constructive dialogue and make religions a healing force in Ethiopia and in the world."

Interspiritual Sustainability Society

"We foster understanding and collaboration between diverse groups and nurture respectful relationships. We seek to model compassionate conduct in the midst of conflict. As a consortium of spiritual, religious and interspiritual groups, we develop and facilitate initiatives, events, and educational programs. We promote the endeavours of member groups and allied organizations, and partner with like-minded community groups and institutions to further shared aims. We strive to honour the sacredness of the Earth and promote care for the natural world."