URI is committed to the equitable participation of women and men in all aspects of our organization.
WASH Alliance Women's Building Class

Many Cooperation Circles are devoted to projects for women, which focus on issues like leadership, domestic violence prevention and counseling, job and skills training, gender equality, education, and preventing female infanticide.

Examples of our work in this Action Area:

  • TRUST WIN, a URI group based in Jerusalem, brought 30 Christian, Druze, Jewish, and Muslim women together at a therapeutic mineral bath. As they relaxed in the warm water, they discussed each other’s backgrounds free of judgment. “We gave each other water massages, sat and shared fruit and water together, and shed our cares with our clothes,” a participant said. Women spoke the lethal violence just that morning in Jerusalem. “We recognized that we all have friends and loved ones who have died, been wounded, imprisoned in the ongoing conflict.” They offered prayers for peace from their different faiths. For many of the women, it was the first time they had made a friend from a different religion. Not only did they plan future meetings, but they also inspired onlookers. “An ultra-orthodox woman from Bnei Brak said she was impressed and encouraged to see our camaraderie and ease together. She invited us to come to her neighborhood.”
  • In Pakistan, Action Against Poverty CC members educate women in remote, rural areas about their rights and give them the resources they need to leave abusive situations.
  • In upstate New York, USA, Women Transcending Boundaries held a Women's Iftar meal where five panelists of different religious backgrounds discussed their traditions, leading to interfaith friendships and collaborations as the women realized their similarities.
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Women of Spirit and Faith

URI Global Council Chair Yoland Trevino joined 300 other women of spirit and faith in San Francisco for a conference on “The Alchemy of Our Spiritual Leadership: Women Redefining Power.”

A day of therapy in a Juvenile Detention Center - Eau Claire County

Gaining trust to visit an American governmental institution is one of the things that increased my interest of being a student in the USA and a URI youth Ambassador. A lot of people try to limit our ambitions as Arabs, even worse as females. But you see, a hypothesis will always be in doubt until proved right. I am writing today to give a tiny example of how Intersectionality can be challenged.

Celebration of International Women Day 2011 by PCSW&HR

International Women's Day (IWD) is marked on the 8th of March every year. It is a major day of global celebration of women. Pakistan Council for Social Welfare & Human Rights (PCSW&HR) committed for the protection of women rights through its platform since last two decades. As usual this year on 8th March 2011 PCSW&HR also celebrated the International Women Day.